Two stage foams, Whats the benefit?

What do you do when the foam in your crawler tire starts to wear out? From water to many hours of use, stock foams can become soft over time. Replacing stock foam with 2 stage foam can vastly improve your tires performance. With a stiff inner foam and soft outer, it is the perfect mix to allow you tread to flex and move while allowing the sidewall to hold strong. This is very noticeable on side hills and descents while turning the wheel. So with this being said please note the pictures.

The tire with the black wheel has stock foam. As it folds over itself, it causes the truck to slide forward.
The tire with the Steel SSD D-Hole 1.9 wheel has 2 stage crawler innovation foam. This stops the tire from folding over itself and allows for better traction and stay on its intended path.


The tires I that I have been running for the past year are finally beginning to show some wear in the foams so I decided to put crawler innovation Lil Nova Foams for tires 4.25″. With that being said, my tires are 4.19″ tall. So these foams will be slightly bigger. This means stuffing them in the tires may be difficult. When using foams larger then the tire I will take a large velcro strap and wrap it around the tire. This will help the tire compress so you can set the bead easier (As pictured). Once the bead is set, as you start to tighten down the hardware be sure to loosen the velcro strap.

They do make foams in all sizes, from the common 4.75″ all the way to monster truck size foams. They are a great upgrade for any tire, new or old. Feel free to experiment with foams as well. If you want a softer feel you can always try foams smaller then the size of your tire. Everyone is different and every tire is different, foam tuning is very important if you plan on competitive crawling.