Shop Nankin Hobby with Klarna

Wanna buy now and pay later? You now can with the Klarna app!
This tutorial will walk you through how to use the Klarna App.

Benefits of using Klarna’s app:

-The ability to spit payments up in 4 payments
-Pay Less upfront and over-time
-App experience is seamless
-It’s a great substitute until we get Klarna integrated
-Hassle Free

How it works:

Klarna has an in-app search engine that allows you to shop at any online store through them. When checking out, it creates a Ghost Card and completes your order. A Ghost card is a virtual Credit Card that pays your balance in full to the merchant up-front, while you pay installments over-time. It’s as simple as that.

Note: When using Klarna, orders must be over $35

What You Need:
1. Download the Klarna App from your app store
2. Your card information for Klarna

That’s it!

Step 1

Open the Klarna App. At the top of the app there’s a search bar that says “Search for any store”. Tap that search bar.

Step 2

Now type in Nankin Hobby, you can click go after that or type the search icon. If you tap the search icon, you may get a notification but it’s okay. Just tap the link “Continue to “https://nankinhobby….”

Step 3

You made it to our store! Shop around and add items to your cart.

Step 4

Once you’re done shopping, it’s time to checkout. Type in info if you’re shopping as a guest, or login with your rewards. Make sure you select “Pay by Credit Card” (Keep in mind, you get a $25 credit with every $500 you spend)

Klarna may prompt you a few times during checkout to pay with Klarna. You’ll use that in step 6.

Step 5

Once you get past all the boring stuff, the fun part starts! When you get to our payment portal. Klarna prompts you to pay with Klarna. Tap that prompt.

Step 6

Here, Klarna reads the total at check out and fills that in for you. You can add 10% to your spending, but you should notice that tax and shipping costs were already added to your total. Note: Any money not used in the transaction won’t be taken from your card.

Step 7

Klarna then shows your installments in 4 easy payments over 6 weeks. (May vary for some) Select “Create your $XXX.XX Card”. Your first installment may be held until you fully checkout in our payment portal.

Step 8

You now have your “Ghost Card” aka Virtual Credit Card. You should copy it while on this screen just in case. This is just so you don’t have to back out to look at it again. If you don’t, you’ll be fine. You’ll see why in step 9.

Step 9

Now your back at our payment portal! You should notice that the Ghost Card” payment info should be auto filled in all the boxes.
From here, you just complete your checkout, and you should receive a confirmation from us.