Prostar: by Nankin Hobby Spotlight Build – TRX-4 Blazer

As I’m sure many of you who’ve stopped into our Southgate location have seen, the Traxxas TRX-4 Blazer on display.

But what’s so unique about it? What makes it stand out from the other TRX-4 Blazers?

This truck was built up with a variety of hop-up parts from our new, exclusive line – Prostar: By Nankin Hobby.

On the axles we have plenty of brass to keep the weight down low, allowing for better crawling abilities.

The front axle uses Brass Inner Front Portals (PSH00124), Brass Outer Portal Cover (PSH00125), and Brass C-Hubs (PSH00123). All of these items come with their own hardware, making assembling them easy.

Both front and rear axles feature Brass Suspension and Link Mounts (PSH00122) and Brass Diff Covers (PSH00179).

The rear axle utilizes the Option B Style Brass Portal Cover (PSH00136) which is a larger piece of brass. This item also comes with its own hardware. The reason I used this on the rear is to offset all the weight that the front has. This will keep all four tires on the ground on descents.
The bottom of the skid plate and axles are protected from abuse using the Skid Plate Protector Set (PSH00120).

Moving on to the chassis, I used the Aluminum Servo Mount Style B (PSH00129 – Black). This aluminum mount runs from the servo to the front of the chassis. The mount extends to the front of the chassis and allows you to mount a servo just behind the bumper mount. This will be helpful to mount something like a servo winch to pull all the extra weight around.

Adding all that brass can put some stress on the stock servo, so I upgraded the servo to the Eco Power 120 Servo (ECP-120T) and used the Metal TRX-4 Servo Horn (TRA8247X). This gives us plenty of power with almost 400oz of torque. To protect the side of the body I used the Aluminum Rock Sliders Style C (PSH00156 – Black).

The body started life as a Clear Body (TRA8130), which then was sprayed with Bright Gun Metal (PS-63 – TAM86063) for the secondary color and Dark Metallic Blue (PS-59 – TAMR6059) for the primary color, then backed with Black (PS-5 – TAMR8605).

The scale accessories include: Accessory Set B (PSH00205 – Red) and the Plastic Cola Accessory (PSH00207).

Hopefully you can take some inspiration from our TRX-4 – we’re excited to see how you use Prostar Accessories in your own builds! Have fun building and tiny-truck on!