Losi LMT Solid-Axle Monster Truck Review

Losi LMT Review

First Impressions:

Let me start by saying, this truck is massive compared to other scale type monster trucks. This is the new LMT from Losi. It comes in three different versions. One version features the famous Grave Digger paint scheme and coloring, and even has the iconic red headlights to keep your path lit at night. The second version features the paint scheme and coloring of Son-uva Digger, which also has blue headlights. Both of these versions come ready to run, minus battery and charger. They are capable of running a 2S or 3S LiPo battery. The 3150kv 4-pole motor provides plenty of power to do power wheelies with ease and backflip just about any curb or parking block. The third version comes as a roller, which means the electronics are sold separately.

The chassis is a TVP (twin vertical plate) style with a plastic tube cage and other scale pieces to add to the overall look of the truck. The chassis has plenty of holes for easy suspension changes. The axles under the truck have some impressive 1/8th scale size differentials which means they should be able to handle any kind of power you want to put in the truck. The body is mounted to a plastic roll cage which is hinged in the rear, so after you pull the four body pins it allows for easy access to the chassis.

This truck is built well. It is built the way a scale type monster truck should be built. It feels sturdy, stable, and has just enough metal to be durable. This truck was built with performance in mind and just enough scale touch to make it look realistic.

Son-Uva Digger 1


As with any other solid axle monster truck, I was very cautious at first. Just trying to get a feel for what the truck is capable of and what the limitations are. I started off just running across the grass, then moved to the street to see how fast it would go. Running on 3s this truck will carry a wheelie as far as you want. It very quickly surpassed my expectations of a solid axle monster truck. I began getting more comfortable with the truck and started hitting the curb to pull backflips and slap wheelies and, before I knew it, I felt like I was a pro Monster Jam driver. The wide stance and power of the 4-pole motor will allow you to slam on the brake and slide around a 180, or turn and bicycle the truck on two wheels, then slam on the brakes to do a stoppie. All of this while still looking like a scale monster truck. The electronics and battery placement are well centered for a good bias. The large tires and body size allow you to easily flip the truck over by alternating forward and reverse while upside down to right yourself – at least with 3S power. It has a good steering radius for having such big tires, and the steering is better than some other solid axle monster trucks.

Son-Uva Digger 2

Pros and Cons:

The pros here outweigh the cons, in my opinion.

  • Pros:

    • Overbuilt drivetrain
    • Good steering radius
    • Adjustability on the chassis for easy tuning
    • 3S capable
    • Comes as a roller (just add electronics)
    • Realistic looks and handling
  • Cons:

    • Rod ends have some play in them. Nothing major or anything to worry about, but enough to shimmy the axle a little.
    • Comes with 17mm hex and utilizes a 5mm nut, making it a little difficult to put other wheels and tires on. It’s not impossible, though, as Losi does offer 12mm hexes so you can run JConcepts or Proline wheels and tires.
    • The servo. As to be expected, the stock servo on any RTR is not the best but does get the job done.
    • The price. At $599.99 it may not be for everyone, but there are other options for those who want to spend less.

Is it worth it?

In my mind, yes. As someone who loves monster trucks and always wanted to drive one, I now have the chance to do so with this. Sure, it’s smaller than the real thing, but I can’t help but smile the whole time driving this truck. Once I got comfortable with what it could handle, I was impressed with what it was doing and the abuse it could take. You can easily throw a 2S in this truck and set it up for racing with just a few of the adjustments on the chassis. The truck comes with actual body posts so you can change the body to whatever you want. The metal chassis plates feel strong and the overall look of the truck is great. Losi did their homework on this one and really built a good truck that you can do a lot with. Other solid axle monster trucks require a lot of time, money, and work to be durable and handle as well. So, whether you want to get into racing or you’re a Monster Jam fan, this truck is for you. It puts a smile on my face, and others’ when they see it, and that’s reason enough for me.

Son-Uva Digger Nankin Sign