How To Upgrade Shocks (Budget Friendly)

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your shocks but can’t afford the high-end shocks? Some shocks of the shocks can cost as much as $57.99 a pair. Some of the higher end shocks do have nice features like threaded shock bodies so you can adjust spring tension and add or remove preload to make the truck handle differently. But here we are talking specifically about the Traxxas Big Bore Shocks. Which with some mods can perform just as good as some of those higher end shocks.

Well if you’re like me then you might just have these shocks laying around. The Traxxas big bores (part number ITAS2660) specifically are a good


cheap shock with aluminum shock bodies and shock caps but those caps take those pesky shoulder screws. The shoulder screws are the screws that come stock for these shocks. They have a step up from the thread that fills the gap of the eyelet on the shock cap. When hanging vertically, these screws only allow the shock to pivot left and right severally limiting movement of the shock.



Here is a helpful tip to make these shocks more universal to fit just about anything, Using just a few simple tools. This modification is popular on crawlers so the price mentioned above is for a pricey set of crawler shocks not necessarily all general shocks.


For supplies, you will need:

  • A 1/8 Drill Bit
  • 3×8 Button Head Screws
  • Rod Ends (Traxxas 2742)
  • Dremel or another rotary tool with a cut off wheel
  • Pliers
  • Shocks

The Procedure:

  1. Remove the eyelet on the shock cap. Be sure to secure the cap in a vise; pliers or even vise grips will work.
  2. Using your cutoff wheel, you will cut the eyelet of the cap. Then you will grind any extra off to make sure the cap is as flat as it possibly can be. (Always be sure to wear the proper safety equipment when using power tools. Safety glasses should work just fine for this application)
  3. Next, flip over the shock cap to reveal an indent that is inside. You will use this as a guide to drill a hole.
  4. Once you drill the hole it’s time to use the 3x8mm button head screw. You will now put the screw through the cap from the bottom. It’s best to use the button to not risk interfering with the shock piston.
  5. Screw the rod end (2742) to the top of the shock cap. This step you can get creative and use different rod ends if you like. You can use axial rod ends or other curved/bent rod ends for more adjustability. For example, the RC4WD (part number z-s1629) is not only curved, but metal as well so they will add adjustability and durability. By angling your shocks more, on a crawler, this will add articulation to your suspension. Shown in the pictures below
  6. Last step, assemble the shock and mount on your favorite vehicle. Repeat these steps for each shock



Doing this mod, it will allow the shock to move in all directions if hanging vertically, rather then using the standard shoulder screw.