Product Review: GoTeck GS-5515DMG Servo

“The Little China Servo That Could” A first-hand look at the GoTeck GS-5515DMG Servo by James Justus. This story begins with a new shipment of products to be sold in the hobby shop. Among them a high torque, metal gear, duel bearing, digital servo from GoTeck. It was discussed that said servo should be tested, and

Build Video: Armattan SCX 200 Frame

Local drone enthusiast Kyle Rearick writes:Whats up FPVers!!!! This is a time lapse video of an Armattan SCX200 frame with DYS electronics. This build was fully sponsored by Nankin Hobby! Thank you owner Chris for this opportunity.Build List & CostArmattan SCX200 Frame – $70.00DYS F4 Pro FC – $38.50DYS XSD30A ESC – $16.99 (x4)DYS Mi200 Pigtail

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