Who Has Anki Slot Cars in Stock?

Anki Drive Slot Cars in Stock!This holiday season, Anki Slot cars are the hot item for all kids! Anki Drive is the next generation of slot cars. You can roll out the track anywhere and use your cell phone or tablet to control the cars as the race around the track and battle it out.

Anki Drive is the ultimate blend of slot cars and technology. Once your son or daughter (or yourself) plays Anki Drive they will be hooked. But of course with such a hot new toy on the market it will be hard to find, do not worry. Nankin Hobby will have oyu covered, we have Anki Slot Cars and tracks in stock and at a great price.

You can visit us at Westland, Ypsilanti or Farmington. Anki Drive is the perfect gift for your kids, it will entertain them for hours with their car battles all while using their favorite phone or tablet. When looking for Anki Drive SLot cars in Canton or Westland look no further than Nankin Hobby!