What Is The Best Model Rocket Kit For You?

Model rockets are a safe, educational and fun hobby that lots of people all over the world participate in. Many scientists and engineers in the STEM fields credit model rocketry as one of the things that sparked their interest in science as a career path. Toy rockets are great for any “amateur rocket scientist” all the way up to the expert level enthusiast. At Nankin Hobby, we carry all levels of model rocket kits–from ready-to-fly kits, to high-powered rockets that get some real altitude…

You might be asking yourself “How do I get started in the world of model rockets?” Introducing and guiding new and experienced hobbyists to their soon-to-be favorite pastime is what we do best. Below you’ll find some helpful descriptions of the varying types of rocket kits available.

We highly recommend starting off with one of our Model Rocket Starter Kits if you’ve never tried model rockets before. They are easy and user-friendly and can be launched the same day. Another great tip? See if you can locate a model rocket club near you! (For the local Nankin shoppers, there are some clubs based in the Metro Detroit area – Huron Valley Rocket Society being one of them. Go check them out!)

Model rockets at Nankin Hobby!
Launching model rockets is a fun and educational pass time!


RTF (Ready to Fly): Just like it sounds. These rockets are ready to fly right out of the box. Perfect for beginners and children who are just getting into model rocket launching. You will have to check if a launch pad is included with your kit as some brands do not include them with this make of model rocket.

E2X (Easy-to-Assemble): These rockets have minor amounts of assembly and limited customization. You get to assemble the rocket, add decals and attach the recovery system–then you’re good to launch!

Skill Level 1: The beginner rocket builder’s kit; perfect for children. You get to sand, glue and decorate your rocket to your own taste. This can be done in an afternoon and is very easy to fly. Minor amounts of gluing and cutting are required.

Skill Level 2: You’ll need a basic understanding of rocket building for this tier of kits. You’ll get a plastic nose, laser cut balsa wood fins and an unfinished body tube. The assembly is a bit more challenging and has more parts to assemble. These models may take 24 hours to build.

Skill Level 3: For this level of model rocket you will need at least an intermediate knowledge of rocket building and finishing. Their assembly can take a few days to complete. These models are more advanced, and require greater amounts of building skills.

Skill Level 4: These rocket kits are more advanced and have more components and assembly required. This level of model rockets is recommended for adults and supervised children over the age of 16. We advise you to read the kit’s manual before beginning assembly and adult supervision is strongly recommended.

Skill Level 5: For master rocket builders and adults. The parts are smaller and harder to assemble and designs are harder to paint. If you want to challenge your rocket skills, this level is for you!

For all your model rocket needs, choose Nankin Hobby!