Drones Are Coming, What Can or Can’t I do with my Model Plane?

The subject of drones have increased in the media recently and has sparked a ton of debate. People are beginning to wonder “Is my model airplane a drone?” or “What can I do with my model airplane?” Drones normally refer to the military’s unarmed aircraft systems that operate outside of what Nankin Hobby’s radio control helicopters or planes can do. At Nankin Hobby, the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) that we sell are designed to operate within the boundaries set by the Federal Aviation Administration. Operating your UAS for recreational use does not require FAA authorization. However, you must follow their radio control flying safety guidelines below.

 How to Safely Fly Your R/C Helicopter or Plane

  • Operate your unmanned aircraft in a way that is not careless, reckless, and that doesn’t endanger people or FAA UAS guidelines other aircraft
  • Keep your UAS away from people or stadiums
  • When flying your UAS, stay away from airports
  • Stay below 400 feet when flying
  • Do not interfere with manned aircraft and keep your UAS within sight
  • Only operate UAS under 55 lbs

Learn more about what you can do with your model aircraft here. Contact Nankin Hobby to purchase the newest in  r/c helicopters or planes today! We carry a variety of vendors and body types.

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