Southeastern Michigan R/C Repair

So after our last blog post “How To Choose Your First Radio Control Plane,” you’ve chosen your first model plane. With excitement, you drive to your local Nankin Hobby store. You tell our staff you want that plane, right there as you excitedly point. Next, you take home your RTF (or ready to fly) plane. Or, you are really ambitious and put together your first plane yourself.

It’s finally time for your first flight. Your radio control plane glides into the air and your excitement elevates. Then, boom! A strong wind or tree damages your plane. Even the most experienced flyers crashed as beginners. If you are a beginner, chances are you’re going to crash. Don’t let crashes hold you back from pursuing a hobby that you are passionate about.

At Nankin Hobby, we know that accidents happen. Conveniently, we offer hobby repair services for your radio control planes, boats, cars, or helis. Nankin Hobby can repair almost any damage. We have the right tools to quickly fix any physical damage. With our computerized paint matching machine, we will have your radio control helis or plane looking like new. Is it a system malfunction? Nankin Hobby has the tools to diagnose and quickly repair issues with programming. Call your local store to get started.

Hoppy R/C Repair tools