Repair Services

The RC Repair Guys

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We’ll repair your Drone, RC car, and more!

So you just got your really nice RC car, plane, boat, or drone, and suddenly you crash or break it. We know this can be a real bummer, especially when you put some real time and money into them. No sense in getting a new one! Just get it repaired! That’s where we come in.

We can repair anything that you might be having issues with, your RC cars, your RC boats, even some models of drones as well! We will restore your RC unit to it’s factory standard, guaranteed! 

Our current RC Repair rates:

$35 an hour plus parts, 1 hour minimum

Due to the demand we have for repairs, and time it can take to order parts, you should plan on it taking as least a week for us to repair your RC unit. If the parts are on backorder, please allow for more time, which can be up to 3-4 weeks. 

Please make sure to call before you bring in your RC for repair, this way we can either save you the trip, or have the part ready for you when you get here. We only carry replacement parts for the brands we carry, so do yourself a favor and call in advance.  Our Farmington location is best for drone repairs, so if you need your drone repaired, check out our Farmington location.

We can even help with minor consultations as well. Sometimes all you need is the right direction to be pointed in. We can help if your RC is open and we can see what’s going on, but as we tell people “If I gotta touch it with a screw driver, you have to pay for it”. 
So if your RC needs repair, then let us help! We’ll get your RC car, Drone, RC Plane, up and back in the action.