Radio Control Helicopter Models

Do you love radio control helicopter models or RC helicopters in Westland, Michigan? Nankin Hobby is the place that you need to be. We carry many forms of model airplanes or helicopters. For whatever step you are in the construction or maintenance in the RC helicopter process, Nankin Hobby can help.

What are the different types of radio control helicopter models in Westland?

Glow fuel or Nitro Fuel R/C Helicopters

Until ten years ago, most nitro fuel RC helicopters in Westland were glow fuel. Glow fuel RC helicopters in Westland are known for their flight times and power. Glow fuel helicopters are able to be used outside without being pushed around by the wind.The flight times for glow fuel RC helicopters in Westland are between 7 and 15 minutes depending on the tuning and size of your engine.

Coaxial R/C Helicopters

Coaxial models are perfect for indoor use or RC helicopters for beginners. Coxaxial RC helicopters in Westland have quick control responses because these models have eliminated the rotational torque.  The quick response makes coaxial RC helicopters perfect for fitting into tight spaces.

Electric R/C Helicopters

Because of the recent developments in Lithium polymer batteries, electric RC helicopters in Westland are now able to be high performing and light. The average flight time for electric RC helicopters are between 4 and 12 minutes depending on how you fly it and the capacity of your battery.

How are RC helicopters different from RC airplanes?

The main differences between RC helicopters and airplanes in Westland are in flight training, aerodynamics, and construction.

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