Race Report: Round 5 of THE-SERIES

Round 5 of THE-SERIES Race Report @ Stateline R/C in Fremont, Indiana 9/9/2017

Driver Sean Carney writes:

This weekend I traveled with my teammate Mark Thompson to Fremont, Indiana to Stateline R/C for THE Series final round. I would like to thank both Kris Norlock and Kevin Myers, the owner of Stateline R/C, on a great weekend of racing! Want to thank Mark and Nankin Hobby Racing for their support and friendship!

Once again Friday started a little on the wet side for practice which has been a theme all summer long. At about 1:30, the drivers started to get on the track for practice. All three of my classes seemed to be working well. On my stock vehicles, I decided to go up in ratio a little to get me a little more speed on this big track.

Saturday morning was cool (high 40’s, low 50’s), with the high being in the 60’s. All through the day I was just changing the ride heights and tires. Both the SCT and Buggy Stock classes I was having problems with putting the times down that I would like to have been. I was able to find the speed to keep me in the 3rd qualifying position for the Stock SCT, but not for the Stock Buggy class. 1/8th scale buggy I was just barely holding on to the A Main in qualifier points. The 3rd round of qualifying I wasn’t able to put down the lap time I had hoped for.

As the mains set up I was in the B for both 1/8th Scale Buggy sitting (3rd) and 5th in Stock Buggy. Stock Buggy was up first. Immediately I had a problem with the fact that I couldn’t see my car out in the distance. This posed a significate challenge for me because the light wasn’t enough for me to judge my direction of the car’s wheels. This ultimately caused me to finish 7th out of 13 cars and ending my chance of staying top 5 in points.

Second up was 1/8th Scale Buggy. I had high hopes for this class being able to bump to the A-Main. Sitting 3rd on the grid at the start I felt it was possible. Plus, I could see the 1/8th scale a lot better due to the size. At the tone of the start of the race I literally ran into a problem. The second-place car didn’t respond at all to the tone and since the lineup was single file I ran into the back of him. Luckily, I was not collected up with the rest of the field bearing down on us, but going into the first jump, the second-place car seemed to lose power and again I was accelerating to make the jump and had nowhere to go. This put me all the way to last place. I tried to calm myself down and start to pick them off. I did get up to 6th out of 10 cars by lap two but in jumping the triple in the front straight I landed on my right front shattering the steering knuckle and ending my main. (First failure for me the entire season with the 4.0 TLR 1/8th scale buggy) Can’t wait to see the video because my buggy went straight up the in air on the rebound. LOL.

Last race of the night was the Stock SCT. This was my focus. I was tied with Patrick for points and I knew I needed to place in front of him to get to second place in points. My TLR 22 SCT 3.0 Kit was getting better and better every round. Patrick had taken the TQ and I was sitting 3rd on the grid. At the tone, we three took off as we have done all season long. I was able to keep them in my sights for a few laps but slowly started to fall behind. I did make a charge back at the last couple of laps when first and second was having issues but I was unable to capitalize. I finished 3rd and on the podium.

THE-SERIES season is over, points have been added up and positions determined. I would have to say I am happy with the way this summer series ended up. We all have highs and lows. It’s about having fun, meeting new people and experiencing the moments. I would like to thank the organizers and track owners for pulling this together and giving us this opportunity.

Castle Creations Electric 1/8th Scale Buggy was a brand-new vehicle to me and the first time it hit the track was at race 1. I learned a lot and still have more to learn. To Finish 6th out of over 56 different drivers in the class I am very happy with this result. Look forward to years to come.

Fantom Racing 17.5 2wd Buggy class has been a class that I have been running for years. I have seen the popularity of this class grow. Attracting the normal Mod 2wd Buggy racers for the competition and another run of the buggy class. My approach to racing is to learn off stock as much as I can before I proceed to Mod racing. So, keeping in the top ten of the class is still makes me happy because of the class of racers that I am with. I am very proud to finishing 9th out of over 68 different drivers to the class and look forward to the next year of competition.

Nankin Hobby 17.5 2wd SC class has been my favorite class. All series long it has been a battle between Andrew, Patrick and myself. They have been great competitors and fun to be around. Still learning as we all do in these situations to become better drivers. I am happy that I achieved 3rd place in the class overall with over 31 different drivers in the class.

Thank you Nankin Hobby Racing for sponsoring me and supporting me in THE-SERIES. Can’t wait 'till next year!