Plastic Model Kits Available From Nankin Hobby

Plastic Model Kits

One of the most rewarding but patience testing hobby’s around is building plastic model kits. Building a plastic model can really test your patience. From cutting, glueing, sanding or painting, each step needs to be done with exact precision. But once finished, you have a great show piece you can display for decades. No matter if you like airplanes, cars, boats, sci-fi or military, there is a model kit for you.

At Nankin Hobby we carry all the top brands in the model world, such as:

  • Lindberg
  • Revell
  • Tamiya
  • And Many More!

Our model kits range from 1/24 scale to 1/72 scale and above. Of course, before you can build a great model, you need the proper equipment.  We carry everything you need, from cement glue, paint, sandpaper, Exacto knives and more. We have everything you need to make you model look as real as possible. Big fan of Star Trek? We carry a whole line of Star Trek model kits, all types of kits for the USS Enterprise.

Military Plane Model Kits

If you are a fan of military planes, we have a big selection of those to choose from. We have World War II planes and even the F-14 the plane from the movie Top Gun. Want to build your own army? Whole lines of military men are available, from the US 82nd Airborne to a Soviet Tank Crew, we have the sets to help you complete your collection.

Car model kits are always another popular choice. We have kits for all skill levels. From beginner to expert we have something for everyone. Our snap-tite kits are perfect for kids starting out and some of the more classic kits are great for the experts. So visit our online store today or stop by one of our great locations and pick up the perfect model kit for you today!