Pinewood Derby Time!

pinewood-derby-736434_1280Racers get your Pinewood Derby cars ready!!

It’s that time of year again, the Pinewood Derby extravaganza is about to take over! If this is your first year with your little one, we can cover some of the basics!

What you are looking at:

The pinewood derby is an annual boy scout event that takes place in the spring of every year. It’s been happening since 1953 as a way for younger kids to participate in an event similar to the soapbox derby. You should help your child with some of the tools needed to build their pinewood car for the race but remember to let your child get creative and have a large part in the design/build of the car. Help them with the research, let them come up with the design, and make sure they have fun decorating it!

If you need a hobby store to get your Pinewood Derby kit from, we here at Nankin Hobby can help. We carry everything needed for the pinewood derby! We always have the kits available in our hobby section!

Your regulation pinewood kit that will include the following:
  • One regulation size block of pine
  • (4) four wheels
  • (4) nails
The Pinewood Derby car rules are as follows:

-Cars can’t weigh more than 5 ounces

-Cars can’t be more than 2.75 inches wide, longer than 7 inches, or higher than 2.75 inches

People will sometimes add on a metal or lead weight if their car is under the legal weight limit which gives them more resistance from the top of the hill. If your car is under the 5 oz. mark we highly recommend adding it.

We carry weights made from rubber (which are flexible) and tungsten, all in varying size and weight. We also carry the regulation standard graphite lubricant, so your wheels will keep on spinning!

So if you need help with your Pinewood Derby experience, then come on down and see our Hobby experts Nankin Hardware and Hobby! We’ll make sure you and your little one have all the supplies you need to make your race day the best it can be!