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Drone Registration Drone Registration

Hey all you mobile drone pilots! We here at Nankin Hobby wanted to make sure you were in the loop about some new requirements that are coming down the pipeline in regards to your drone and air safety. Since December 21st the FAA has been requiring everyone who has a drone to register it with the federal government. This started as a way to help raise awareness of the rules around drone operation for hobbyists and became a way to keep the skies safe.

It all started when drone hobbyists were flying their drones too close to airports, which caused a lot of concern for the FAA. So now people have to  register their drone and pay a $5 registration fee. This fee is the same across the aviation industry, so you’re not getting ripped off. There is good new though!

The good news: If you register your old or new drone in the first 30 days (Until Jan. 21st) you will get a rebate coupon that takes your $5 registration fee down to $0

The not so fun news: If you don’t register your drone you can now expect a civil or criminal penalties, ranging from a ticket to landing in jail.

The good news: The government isn’t looking to heavily enforce this or go locking people up, just educate them.

The issue has been that drone pilots seem to be unaware of some of the rules surrounding flying an unmanned aircraft responsibly. So we’ve laid them out for you:

  1. Your drone has to be flown below 400 ft
  2. You can’t fly your drone over people
  3. You must be within eyesight of your drone
  4. If you are within 5 miles of an airport you must call and tell this to the control tower

Once you get your drone registered you’ll get a certificate of aircraft registration with number that you will then apply onto your drone. DO NOT use a registration service, the FAA made their registration process as simple as possible so you.

We hope this has been helpful for you and the drone pilots in your life. Just make sure to get registered before January 21st to get your rebate!

Here is a link to the registration website: