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Hot Off the Press!

We here at Nankin Hobby have stocked some new products and part that we want to talk with you about. First up is the Leopard Hobby brushless motors and brushless speed controls!

Leopard Hobby

Leopard Hobby Power Systems brushless motors and brushless speed controls

Leopard Hobby has been in the RC business for 15 years, and in that time have worked tireless to create and produce the best products for RC units in the industry. If you’re not familiar with the idea of the brush vs. brushless motors we’ll break it down for you real quick. Brushless motors are exactly what they sound like, motors without ‘brushes’ that convert electricity into movement. Brushless motors lose less energy from friction of brushes and in turn give you higher speeds and faster response times. So if you want to get your RC Plane or Car come check out these new parts in our stock.

Ultra Power Charges feature dual 120 ac/dc charger

Ultra Power Charges feature dual 120 ac/dc charger

Ultra Power is a reputable company that has been pushing RC charger technology and products. We are carrying their 120 dual ac/dc charger so you can charge the following types of batteries: LiFe and Li-ION, 1-6 cell LiPo, 1-15 cell NiCd and NiMH and 2-20V lead acid batteries. This charger is unique because you can also plug it into a computer to analyze each battery  We are selling this product for $129.99 which is steal considering all the bells and whistles.

Moto Monster Mini Bike

Monster Moto Mini dirt bikes  ( 80cc Line, E mini bike (classic))  

This is one that we are really excited to talk about. These mini dirt bikes are designed for your young one to get their first taste of electric powered motorsports. These mini bikes are designed to to take more than a few hits, and will survive any bump or turn you can throw at it. There are added safety features on these bikes so you can take it down from 11 mph to 7 mph for your little one. These guys sold out fast at our last store so come in and check them out before they’re gone!

So if you need to take your RC car to the next level, improve your charging game, or start your kids down the path to being awesome, come on down to Nankin Hobby and we’ll get you ready to go!