Micro Drones with First Person Vision at Nankin Hobby

This mini drone has a lot fo fun in a small size
This mini-drone has a lot of fun in a small size

We here at Nankin Hobby like to keep up with the newest drones to hit the market and like to write about some of the ones we have our eyes on. Recently our attention has been focused on micro drones with FPV (First Person View) cameras, and Horizon Hobby’s Inductrix FPV micro drone has caught our attention. This tiny drone might be small, but it packs a large amount of fun.

This little guy might be a tiny drone but it’s packed with big features. No need to assemble small parts, you can take it out of the box, charge it up, and away you go! Best for indoor flight, this little guy takes you to places you never thought you could fly a drone indoors with ease.

Horizon Hobby’s Inductrix FPV Mini Drone At Nankin Hobby

Some of the cooler features of this tiny drone are the FPV camera with 25mW video transmitter that puts you directly in the pilot’s seat. This system is compatible with many FPV headset and can be set to FatShark channels 1-8 and all Raceband Channels. This means you can fly multiple drones at once without worry.

This drone is great for beginner and intermediate drone flyers alike. The patented SAFE flying system will make your first flight an easy success. The design has wear and tear in mind with the shielded propeller which allows you to bump into walls with little worry.

So don’t let this micro drone fool you, it’s packed full of fun, and the newest design technologies. Race your friends, race your family, set up an obstacle course, explore the little spaces you never thought you could!

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