Local Areas to Fly RC Helicopters

As the warmer seasons take effect, now is the perfect time to try out a new hobby. Flying an RC Helicopter is such a delight because you can buy them at a reasonable price and because you are in control of flying the RC plane, yourself. People tend to like flying their RC Helis better because it is less expensive than investing in an actual helicopter. They also like flying RC Helicopters because it’s more convenient than learning how to fly a real one. Nevertheless, before purchasing an RC Helis, customers should take heed of a few necessary things:

  1. Deciding on an RC Helicopter-RC Helis can range based on factors, features, and motors. Buyers should think about who they plan on buying the plane for (whether if it’s for a child or an adult) and where they plan on flying it.
  2. Different Channels-Along with purchasing an RC plane comes a number of channels. The channels pick up radio signals from the controller in which transcribes this into variant movement. If you are a beginner at flying an RC Helis, having fewer channels is easier to maintain.
  3. Designs and Materials-When flying your RC Helicopter, you need to make sure that your plane is weightless. RC Helis come in a variety of lightweight materials including aluminum, plastic, and carbon fiber for the body and wood or even fiberglass for the blades. This makes it accessible to fly in the spring/summertime weather.

Local Places In Michigan To Fly Your Heli

A great place to fly your RC Helis is at Signal Seekers R/C Club, located right here in Westland Parks To Fly RC Helicopters Westland, MI! Signal Seekers is a non-profit organization that is open year round for club members. With their 450′ turf runway on a 300’x 300′ plot of land, the flight instructors there offer flight training every Wednesday evening to members who want to learn how to fly their RC Helicopter.

Here at your hobby supply shop in Westland, Nankin Hobby, we are always putting our customers needs before our own. We love to offer assistance and provide it when needed. If you have any questions about about purchasing an RC Helicopter, radio control helicopter models, and/or good places to fly your plane, please feel free to contact us or stop by any of our locations.