It’s Almost Pinewood Derby Time!

It’s almost Pinewood Derby time in the Metro Detroit! It’s that time of year when all the cub scouts get ready for the fun world of the Pinewood Derby races. If this is your first year participating in the Pinewood Derby races we had written a previous blog about the pinewood derby you can check out. It includes some of the rules and basics around the event.

Pinewood Derby is Almost Here
Pinewood Derby is Almost Here

We here at Nankin Hobby want to be your number one shop for pinewood derby and all other hobbies in the Metro Detroit and Ypsilanti area. Which is why we not only have a slew of products in our stores and online, but also a scale in shop* to help with your pinewood derby weight.

*Scale is located in our Ypsilanti store.

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Here are some tips that we would like to pass onto first-time derby dragsters!

1. Inspect all your derby equipment
This includes the block itself, the axles and the wheels. Look them all over to make sure they’re aren’t any cracks, warps, or damage. You want your block to be straight, without warping, and no cracks or splits. Your axles should be straight, and your wheels should not wobble when tested on the axles. If you need any replacement parts Nankin Hobby can help supply them.

2.  The biggest thing with building this pinewood derby box car is to cut down drag, or wind resistance on your car. Just remember that you can’t add on to your car so it needs to be less than 7” long and 4” high. Sanding your car down to smooth out any rough edges will help reduce drag.

3. Adding weight. You’ll need to stay under the 5 oz. weight limit, but if you have room to spare we recommend adding weight to the car. You’ll need to make sure your car has enough wood available in the back to add this, so account for this during the designing phase.

4. The fun part about the Pinewood derby is customizing it! Let your cub scout get creative here with paint or decal stickers. Your little guy can paint and put stickers all over his pinewood derby car. Just make sure to not paint around the axles to help reduce resistance.

If you have any additional questions or need any assistance feel free to contact here at Nankin Hobby! We will be more than willing to give you any tips and pointers for you and your cub scout!