It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No….It’s a Drone!

Remote Controlled Drones

As a child, you may have had an RC car, and you have probably flown a kite. What if you could do both….at the same
time? Thanks to technology you can! Drones have been used in the military for years, in situations where an actual human flight is too dangerous. Of course, military drones are quite large, yet technology has created many miniature drone models for recreational use. Let us introduce you to the perfect starter drone:

The Dromida XL Drone

Perfect for beginners, the Dromida XL drone has many features that allow you to get familiar with flying a drone. Once your skills increase it can be taken to new heights for more fun and excitement. With a simple push of the button you can take off or land, making your flight start and end with ease.

As you learn to fly a drone, you will crash. You will probably lose flight, hit a tree, may even get it stuck in a tree as you learn to master drone flying. With that in mind, designers of the Dromida XL drone have designed it with a durable plastic airframe that is designed to handle routine crashes. With the bright color options and led lights, you will not have to worry about losing your drone in the day or night.

Get your Dromida XL Drone Today!

Here at Nankin Hobby we are proud to offer you Dromida XL Drones in Michigan. With three locations in Farmington, Ypsilanti, or Westland, MI. Our conveinent locations offer Dromida parts or accessories as well as prop protectors which can help protect your drone from minor bumps.

Be sure to check out other available drones at Nankin Hobby. We have drones for every experience level!

Check out this awesome video of a Dromida XL drone in flight!