Holiday Specials this weekend!

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Specials at Nankin Hobby Shop!

If you’re looking for special deals and sales this Black Friday or  Small Business Saturday we have some for you! We are running specials on our stock of Drones this holiday weekend!

Faze Quad RTF Speical Holiday Price: $20


These little guys are RTF (Ready To Fly) straight out of the box! Able to perform easy arial flips and it only takes 2 AAA batteries. You can count on this guy to get any one interested in the world of RC drones!


Blade Nano QX RTF  ($65)/ Blade Nano QX BNF ($55)



A great drone for the beginner flyer in your family. This little guy comes with SAFE technology that allows it to remain stable in the air, great for those who maybe just starting out.


Our entire stock of Dromida Products are $10 off! 


Rc cars, drones, and any thing else you can think of, if it says Dromida you take $10 off your purchase!

We wish you the best holiday and hope to see you this weekend! Contact us at one of our Nankin Hobby Store locations for any questions, we love to help with all your hobbies!