Heli-Max Model Helicopters For All Experience Levels

Why we love Heli- Max

Nankin Hobby loves Heli-Max  because of their cutting edge designs for helicopters. Heli-Max also has specialty models for indoor or outdoor flyers who value scale, aerobatics, and great design. They also offer a wide range of helicopters for beginners , intermediate, and advanced pilots.  Check out our list of Heli-Max helicopters and select your new helicopter based on on your experience level.


Are you just starting out and have never flown before ? We recommend that you start with a beginner helicopter like the Heli-Max 230Si Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter that flies indoor and outdoor. This model is perfect for beginners and there is no assembly required. This is a more affordable option for hobby enthusiasts who want a large helicopter but want to pay a lower price.

Why we love the  Heli-Max 230Si Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter for beginners-

It has a¬†“return to pilot” ¬†feature¬†that¬†brings back your helicopter automatically if you get overwhelmed. The helicopter is equipped with “actual direction control” which means that no matter¬†if the helicopter is going toward or away from you, it will still go the same direction as the stick. It also has a built in altitude control system which allows the helicopter to auto-hoover and¬†hold¬†a pre-selected¬†¬†altitude.

The best part of this model is that it is fail safe and if the signal is lost,  it automatically hold its current altitude before slowly descending.


Our intermediate model that we love is the Heli-Max 200FP V-Cam model. It comes ready to fly with no assemble required. It is an indoor and outdoor helicopter that can take videos and stills while in flight. The best feature of this model is that it comes with colorful LED lights on the rotor blades which allows flight at night time.


For the advanced Heli-Max helicopters , we recommend the Axe CP . It comes ready to fly like all the other models. This model comes with training gear to help ease the learning curve of learning a new helicopter. The main rotor blade has been designed to have more precise blade tracking and durability. The motor is designed larger in this model to also ensure durability and quality. We also love that it has a built in heat sink for engine cooling and tail rotor designed to deliver a quick response.  It has a lower parts count which makes repairs quick and easy.

Come in to Nankin Hobby to view our current selection of model helicopters. Or, contact us for model helicopter repair services. We carry a variety of model helicopter  vendors  allowing you to find the perfect helicopter!