Get Ready For the Pinewood Derby!

Is you son apart of a Cub Scout or Boy Scout troop preparing for an upcoming Pinewood Derby in the Ann Arbor area? If so, we have everything you need to design the best Pinewood Derby car!

So, what is a Pinewood Derby?pinewood-derby

Since the very first Pinewood Derby event in 1953, Pinewood Derby has become a highly anticipated event amongst Cub Scout or Boy Scouts in Michigan. It all begins with a block of pine wood and four plastic wheels. Scouts work with their parents to create the perfect car design taking into consideration the aerodynamic, speed, resistance, and of course presentation. When boy scouts arrive at the derby there will be a track set up in which the race will take place in multiple heats. The tracks can range from two to six lanes and begin with a large slope to the ground, then a straightway where craftsmanship  really comes into play.

Building a Pinewood Derby uses your imagination and creativity while paying attention to certain factors that can affect speed or performance. Here are some things to take into consideration while constructing your derby car:

  • What kind of track will the race be on? Will it have a shiny wax coating or not? Mostly sloped? Mostly flay?
  • What areas of your design can cause resistance? You will want to address these to ensure that you have as little resistance as possible in your car.
  • How is your tire rotation affecting your car? Are the wheels too big? Are they too small?
  • Have you lubricated your car? Are the wheels properly aligned?

It is important to take some of the smallest details into consideration when constructing your Pinewood Derby car. Contact one of our Nankin Hobby locations for all of your Pinewood Derby needs!