Shop Nankin Hobby with Klarna

Wanna buy now and pay later? You now can with the Klarna app! This tutorial will walk you through how to use the Klarna App. Benefits of using Klarna’s app: -The ability to spit payments up in 4 payments -Pay Less upfront and over-time -App experience is seamless -It’s a great substitute until we get

Intro to Getting Into RC Drag Racing (Plus Tips!)

So you wanna go fast? Love drag racing but can’t afford a real drag car? Well, this blog might have the answer you seek. We’re about to talk a little about R/C drag racing. The concept is fairly easy, build a fast car and be the first to cross the line right? Not quite. With

How To Upgrade Shocks (Budget Friendly)

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your shocks but can’t afford the high-end shocks? Some shocks of the shocks can cost as much as $57.99 a pair. Some of the higher end shocks do have nice features like threaded shock bodies so you can adjust spring tension and add or remove preload to make the

How To Do a Traxxas 2WD Long Arm Conversion

So we start this story with my coworker Brent wife’s Brushed Traxxas Rustler. He had just painted up a new body for it and was thinking about a little upgrade for the wheels and tires. After talking him into trying the Rustler 4×4 wheels, we had decided on using the Traxxas Talon Extreme 2.8″. Next,

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