What Is The Best Model Rocket Kit For You?

Model Rockets are a safe, educational, and fun hobby that lots of people all over the world participate in. Many scientists and engineers in the STEM fields credit model rocket as one of the things that sparked their interest in their interest in science and career path. Toy rockets are great for the amateur rocket… Read more »

Intro to R/C Cars and Trucks

So you or someone you know is interested in getting into R/C cars but have no idea where to start. Real R/C cars are a step up from the Walmart brand remote control cars and have the features to prove it. These R/C units have more power, customizability, and longevity (to name a few) than… Read more »

It’s Almost Pinewood Derby Time!

It’s almost Pinewood Derby time in the Metro Detroit! It’s that time of year when all the cub scouts get ready for the fun world of the Pinewood Derby races. If this is your first year participating in the Pinewood Derby races we had written a previous blog about the pinewood derby you can check… Read more »