Aquacraft and ProBoat R/C Boats from the Hobby Experts

Please welcome our new site we just launched here at Nankin Hobby where you can now shop online! There, we are introducing two new R/C Boats that are must have items added to your collection: Aquacraft and Pro Boat.

AquacraftAquacraft r/c boat

The strut and rudder of the Aquacraft are made from machined aluminum, which are used for consistency, durability, and best performances. This type of R/C Boat is electrically powered with a 2.4GHz radio controller. Customers who are 14 years or older are welcomed to buy this cool piece of technology and people who do purchase Aquacrafts, tend to like it because of its speed and it is easy to control.

ProBoatProboat rc boat

The ProBoat is known for its great looks and size. This type of boat is powered by Dynamite in which uses a 380-size motor. This 17-inch model can be used in ponds as well as in lakes and can also carry a great amount of speed. ProBoats have many awesome features you wont want to skimp on anything with this higher-priced radio controlled boat, it doesn’t skimp on any of the fun!!

If you are interested in buying a new R/C Boat, please feel free to check out our website or contact our radio controlled experts at Nankin Hobby Shop today!