ANKI Battle Cars- The Next Generation Slot Car

Have you wondered what it would be like if you could bring video gaming and slot car racing into one? ANKI has! As one of the most anticipated holiday gifts this year, ANKI has unveiled ANKI Battle Cars. The robotic slot cars are bring video game racing to an entirely new level!

With full car control from your smart phone, you will be able to maneuver around a special ANKI battle racing track, use digital weapons to try and take down your opponent, all while utilizing just your mobile smart phone. This extremely unique battle car set was designed by real robot scientist to give to the best possible slot car racing experience ever. As you continue to race your ANKI battle car, whether solo or with friends, you will be able to upgrade your car. Upgrades are stored within the cars memory system so every time you log on, your cars progress is right where you left off.

Don’t worry about getting bored with the same track layout. ANKI offers a selection of ANKI tracks that are sure to bring more challenges and twists or turns your way. You can select from the following ANKI robotic battle car tracks:

  1. Starter Track (Beginner track included in starter kit)
  2. Bottleneck Track (Intermediate track)
  3. Crossroad Track (Advanced)

Regardless if you are an iPhone user or an android user you can enjoy the ultimate experience of ANKI Battle slot cars. For information on purchasing ANKI Slot cars, stop into your nearest Nankin Hobby location. ANKI Slot cars are avaiable in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Farmington or Westland, Michigan hobby shop locations.